Cycle Hire : Mallorca / Majorca

Wilier Bicycle Hire and Rental in Mallorca / Majorca by Martin in Majorca

FAQs about our Bicycle hire

Do you deliver all over Mallorca?


Deleivery/Collection is usually free for all hires of 4 days or more*

We charge 15€ for 1, 2 or 3 day hires

*Some locations, e.g. St Elm, may incur an delivery charge for any hire period

Do you have any other bikes not shown on the website?


Do you have Women's specific saddles?

Yes - we have a number of Specialized ‘Power Expert’ ladies saddles.

Please advise me in advance if you wish to have one of these fitted to confirm availability.  Or you can bring your own saddle and I will fit it for you.

What is the 'standard' set up of each bike?

All our Wilier GTR Team and Wilier Cento 1 Air bikes come with;

Selle Italia X1 saddles & Shimano Ultegra R8000 mechanical or R8050 Di2 electronic groupset with a 50/34 compact chainset and 11-28 cassette

XS & S - 400mm handlebars (c-c), 170mm chainset & 90mm stem

M - 420mm handlebars (c-c), 172.5mm chainset & 100mm stem

L - 420mm handlebars (c-c), 172.5mm chainset & 110mm stem

XL - 440mm handlebars (c-c), 175mm chainset & 120mm stem

Can you set up the dimensions of the bike so it's like mine?

Yes - I will set up the bike as close as possible to yours in advance if you send me the measurements from your bike according to our guide

If you do not provide your measurements in advance the bike will be delivered with the standard stem for the size of bike (see above) and saddle height adjusted on delivery.

How do I pay?

Our preferred method is by Direct Bank Transfer

We also take payments by PayPal (subject to a 4% transaction fee)

Cash on delivery may be accepted in exceptional circumstances but may incur a 10% surcharge

When do I pay?

Once we have confirmed that we have a bike available we will ask for  payment in full at the time of booking.

If payment for the hire period is not received the bike(s) will not be reserved and will not be delivered.

For cancellations and refunds, see below

What if I cancel my booking after paying?

1 or 2 day hires - No refund will be made

3 or more day hires 

  • 11 or more days prior to the commencement of the hire period - payment will be refunded LESS a 50€ cancellation fee.
  • 10 or less days prior to the commencement of the hire period - NO REFUND will be made

What do I need to bring when the bike is delivered?


Cash security deposit of 50€ per bike (see below)

You will be asked to sign a copy of our T&Cs 

Do you take a security deposit?

Yes - a 50€ per bike CASH security deposit is taken on delivery.

This will be returned if the bike and all ancillary items are returned undamaged and in good order.  Payment will be retained from the security deposit for lost, missing or damaged items.

Do you take payment in currencies other than Euros?

No - as we are based and registered in Spain we only accept payment in Euros.

However, you can make payments from any currency in PayPal and convert it to Euros during the transaction (any currency or other transaction fees must be paid by you)

Some companies do not, so why do you charge IVA (VAT)?

Like every other properly registered business in Spain, I have to charge IVA by law.  All prices shown on this website include IVA (VAT)

You have to ask yourself, if others are not charging IVA, are they properly registered and legal? What if something goes wrong?

Can you fit a 11-30 cassette?

Yes - for a small fee.

All of our bikes come with a 50/34 chainset, paired with an 11-28  cassette as standard. With more than 12 years experience of riding in Mallorca, we consider this offers a sufficiently low gear (34:28) for all riding here - there are no 20km long or 15% climbs in Mallorca, they are generally 5 to 8 km long and average 5 or 6%.
However due to requests and a perceived need for an even lower gear, we are now offering 11-30 cassettes as an alternative for small fee.

Why not  11-32 cassettes?

Shimano restrict the Ultegra R8000 / R8050 Di2 rear mechs used on our bikes to a 30T largest sprocket, so we cannot fit an  11-32 cassette.  Who are we to argue with the manufacturer? 

What is included with the bike?

Saddle bag containing 1x innertube, 2x tyre levers
Sigma BC 9.16 ATS computer (on request)

What if I use the innertube?

You can either;
Replace it with a new one, or
Pay 5€ when the bike is returned

What about pedals?

Pedals are not included as standard.

Look KEO pedals or Shimano SPD-SL pedals are available for 2€ per day - if you wish to hire pedals you must advise in advance to ensure availability
If you use any other type of pedal PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN and I will fit them for you.


As most of our customers are from the UK, our bikes are usually delivered with the brakes set up in the UK style, i.e. the FRONT brake is operated by the RIGHT HAND.

However, if the brakes on your bike are Continental style (front brake operated by LEFT hand), PLEASE LET ME KNOW and I will bring you a bike set up like this

Water Bottles / Bidons

I sometimes have a limited supply of bidons for sale - please check with me first

Empty bidons are usually allowed in hand luggage, but please check with your airline and local airport security regulations first.


I do not have any helmets for hire - PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN

By law you are required to wear a helmet while cycling in Spain.  Most airlines allow helmets in the cabin outside of your hand luggage, however please check with them first to make sure.