Cycle Hire : Mallorca / Majorca

Wilier Bicycle Hire and Rental in Mallorca / Majorca by Martin in Majorca

Which size is right for me?

Step 1 - Saddle height (A)

Hire bike saddle height measurement on bradley wiggins 2011 pinarello dogma

Measure from the pedal to the top of the saddle.

Make sure to line up the cranks with seat tube, with the pedal at the bottom

Step 2 - Length (B)

Hire bike Length measurement Bradley Wiggins 2011 Pinarello Dogma

Measure from the centre of the saddle (same place you measured the height to) to the back of the handlebars

Step 3 - Handlebar height (C)

Hire bike Handlebar height measurement on Bradley Wiggins 2011 Pinarello Dogma

Measure from the front wheel quick release straight up to the bottom of the handlebars

Now that you have these 3 key measurements from your bike

Check the maximum and minimum dimensions shown below and see which size fits you best

If your dimensions would fit on more than one size, I would choose the option with the LENGTH measurement closest to the middle of the range 

REMEMBER to send me these measurements with your booking so I can have your rental bike set up as close as possible to your own road bike when I deliver it to you.  We want your bicycle hire experience to be a good one!

Rental Bike Dimensions